Storm & Bear Litter ($500 Total, $100 Deposit)


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Litter From: KW Huggable Bear x CTar Heal Rising Storm

We believe a breeding between Storm, an athletic American Labrador and Bear, a stout, heavy boned, otter tailed and block headed English bred Labrador, could result in the ideal dual purpose Labrador.  Pups that have the desire to hunt and play, but still have the looks of a blocky well bred Labrador.  The thing we did not foresee was the unique colors this mating would throw. Some of these pups are yellow, others more of a dark reddish color, one unique charcoal and even a few blacks with some unique markings.  Pups are very active which leads me to believe we have successfully breed dual purpose Labradors.  Because of the unique colors, we are not providing a drop box to make a deposit. Please contact me (936 546 3593) to discuss which color and gender are available. We are asking $500 for the pups and will accept reasonable offers for the two uniquely marked black females.   Great opportunity to get some gorgeous but unique colored Labrador pups