How to Purchase

We believe nothing is more exciting than driving to Cross G Farms and picking up your new Labrador Retriever pup. We want this experience to be as joyful as possible and we go to extremes to ensure that you and your family will have lasting memories of this special day.

  1. On the puppies available page, you will see the current pups available. You will also see the sire and dam. By clicking on the sire and dams individual page you will see an assortment of pictures and videos as well as their pedigree.
  2. Not only will you see the pictures of the pups, you will also see numerous videos. You will notice the puppies all have individual colored collars to help you identify the puppy you are attracted too. You will also see a list showing which puppy is a boy or girl as well as which pups are available. We try to keep this list updated as quickly as possible. We constantly strive to update pictures and videos, so we ask that you please do not request additional photos.
  3. When purchasing your pup, you simply pick the pup you desire and we immediately take him/her off the market. It’s best to text or call us at 936-546-3593 and tell us which pup you are wanting to put the $100 deposit on. You can also email us at Pup prices are stated with the pictures.
  4. Deposits can be made through PayPal (ID is, Venmo (Gary Grahn@gmgrahn25), and we also take credit cards. Anytime you pay the deposit electronically, always note which puppy you are selecting. Please understand the moment we receive the $100 deposit we take the pup off the market. If for some reason you back out on purchasing the pup the deposit is non-refundable. On the magical day you pick up your puppy you will pay the balance.
  5. We understand that some people may want to meet and select their pup before purchasing. You are always welcome to come look at the puppies. Please keep in mind we are very strict with the bio security needs of the pups. Also note, we are with the puppies every day and can help select a puppy by the character traits you desire.
  6. The health and well-being of our Labrador puppies is our number one priority. No one is allowed in the whelping facilities, nor do we allow anyone to handle the puppies until they reach seven weeks of age. By this age, the puppies will have received a parvo shot (four weeks of age) and a 5-way shot (six weeks of age). At seven weeks of age, the vaccinations should be in effect, and the pups will be relatively free from danger. At this point you are welcome to come visit the puppies.
  7. We strongly discourage (and strongly dislike) puppy shoppers. We try to be as transparent as possible through this web site, facebook and conversations with us. Please do not make us one of three kennels you are visiting on a Saturday morning.
  8. We try to be very flexible when it is time for you to pick up your pup. We understand your time is valuable and we want to make this experience a pleasure for all. The only time that we are not available is Sunday mornings until 1:00 pm.
  9. When you pick up your Cross G Farms pup, you will receive the full AKC registrations paper work, a buyer’s receipt, our written guarantees, as well as a contract. We will also send home a small bag of Victor puppy food. All of dogs in the kennel receive NUVet supplements and you will receive information and samples.

We look forward to meeting you and supplying you with years of happiness with a Cross G Farms Labrador Puppy