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Pups for Sale


Bear / Hadley Litter

Price: $1000
One Boy and Four Girls

Bear has been the foundation and anchor of Cross G Farms kennel for many years. When you look at Bragging Rights page, 90% of those Pups are either sired or grandsired from bear. You can bank on that these pups will be intelligent, gorgeous and will make outstanding dual purpose labradors.    

Lime Green Girl

Orange Girl

Silver Girl

Yellow Girl

Red Boy


Claire / King Litter

Price: $800
Whelped: 10/3/21
Limited AKC Registration

King is an gorgeous fox red American bred male with tremendous hunting pedigree. King himself is currently living in Oklahoma and is an outstanding retriever. He was bred at Riptide kennels in New York.
Claire is a beautiful English Female with a wonderful disposition, tremendous pedigree and is wonderful around people.
Every now and then we like to breed American and English together to grasp the best of both worlds. Energy, desire, drive, train ability, while maintaining a docile pet temperament and the gorgeous looks of the English bred Labrador Retriever.

Turquoise Collar Boy

Black Collar Boy

No Collar Boy

Blue Collar Girl

Purple Collar Girl